Document Management

Devices: Desktop Application & Resident Mobile App

Packages: Basic, Advanced & Premium

Customization: None

Paper documents are evidence of past moments in time, often very important. But searching for them can be tedious.

Our View

All documents, pictures, emails, WA messages and others nicely stacked away and available in your mobile device.

ProperLy document service module ensures that all documents are available when you need them, wherever you are.


Holding all your company documents in one hand, even when you are doing an inspection on the top of a roof..

  • Document manager
  • Documents per property unit
  • Document timeline
  • Upload manager
Properly Property Management Software


Organising all documents in location gives a feeling of security 7 trust.

  • Easy to search
  • Easy uploads
  • Easy to manage
  • Dedicated sharing


Stacking documents in boxes around the premises is something from the past.

Upload documents to the cloud, safe, secure and available when you need them.