Devices: Desktop Application & Resident Mobile App

Packages: Basic, Advanced & Premium

Customization: None

Communication is one of the most vital tools when delivering customer care and after-sales services properly. Poor communication can make or break the relationship between a property developer and its residents.

Our View

Optimizing communication is one of our core services. Quality communication keeps the community and its individual residents informed.

Providing correct, precise and concise information in a feedback loop to the residents, keeps them informed but above all content.


Proper communication channels lead to clear understandings, which helps all business proccesses.

  • Notifications to single residents
  • Notifications per street, per precinct
  • Notifications to all
  • Mass mailing
  • Notification tracking
  • Notification status
  • Notification reports
Properly Property Management Software


The benefits of proper communication are endless, but above all they keep all stakeholders involved well-informed.

  • Better informed residents
  • Well-informed staff
  • Organised from one central dashboard
  • Response rates measurable


Communication automation is most likely the most valuable tool offered in our suite of applications.

Not having part of communication automated will lead to gaps, misunderstanding and the inability to track records and results.

Well-organised communication is of utmost importance.